The restoration, diagnostics, or study of a good or a site archaeological are strongly interdisciplinary actions, which they combine skills of humanistic tradition, with scientific analysis.
The National Institute of Nuclear Physics has promoted the birth of CHNet (Cultural Heritage Network), a network of laboratories of excellence dedicated to applications of interest for archeology and cultural heritage.
The workshop is an opportunity to present some examples of electromagnetic radiation and charged particles used as a means to investigate the hidden nature of archaeological finds and works of art.

Welcome of Promo PA Foundation

Maria Trapani, Promo PA Foundation

The CHNet network of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics 

Francesco Taccetti, INFN – Firenze 

The X-ray tomography for archaeological and artistic materials

Maria Pia Morigi, University of Bologna and INFN -Bologna

The infrared spectroscopy for the study for the imaging of the art works

Mariangela Cestelli Guidi, INFN – Frascati National Laboratory  

The fluorescence spectroscopy with UV excitation for imaging of the art works

Francesco Colao, ENEA – Research Centre Frascati 

New transportable particle activators

Lorenzo Giuntini, University of Firenze and INFN – Firenze