ISIE | Living and managing digital challenges

Curated by Promo PA Foundation in collaboration with Immersiva Livorno Srl, ImmersiveExpeerienese.Art 

ISIE International Summit on Immersivity LuBeC investigates, through the testimonies of international guests, the digital both as a tool to amplify and modulate the impact of the cultural message and as a real environment of production and use, as well as an artistic expression with an autonomous language and its own interpreters.

The great plurality of experiences that can be lived at an intellectual and sensory level between the real and digital worlds requires  a reflection on the nature and positioning of the cultural experience and the potential and the risks of creative dynamics within this new paradigm.

The two-day event aims to guide reflection on these issues through dialogue between industry policymakers, including international ones, by presenting proposals, solutions, and concrete experiences.


2023 ISIE

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