LuBeC awards and recognition

LuBeC awards and recognition

Every year LuBeC recognises those who have distinguished themselves in the enhancement of Cultural Heritage.

LuBeC 2017

The XIIIth annual LuBeC award was presented to the Architect Antonia Pasqua Recchia, Advisor to Minister Franceschini for the implementation of the Ministry’s reform, research and planning: “In recognition of the long career and of the extraordinary commitment to assisting the areas affected by earthquakes since August 2016”.

LuBeC 2016

2016 The XIIth annual LuBeC award was presented to the National Research Council – CNR and was received by the President Massimo Inguscio: “For the digitalisation, by the Institute for Archaeological and Monumental Heritage – CNR, of the Library of the Benedictine Monks of Catania, now Civica e A Ursino Recupero, rendering this heritage of inestimable historical and documentary value accessible”.

LuBeC 2015

The LuBeC2015 award was presented to the Fondazione Italiana Accenture and received  by the General Secretary Anna Puccio.
The award to FIA was in recognition of “the commitment of the Italian Accenture Foundation in promoting and supporting the development of social enterprise in the cultural sphere as an economically sustainable model with a high impact on communities”.

LuBeC 2014

In 2014, the LuBeC award was presented to MiBACT to celebrate the  40 years of the Ministry in a year so full of great changes.

Gaetano Scognamiglio, President of Promo PA Fondazione presented the award to MiBACT Under-Secretary, the Honourable Francesca Barracciu.

“To MiBACT on the 40th anniversary of institution, in recognition of the constant work for the protection, enhancement and accessibility of cultural heritage”.

LuBeC 2013

The Lubec 2013 Award was presented to David Woodley Packard: “For the exceptional efforts made through the Herculaneum Conservation Project, for the protection of Herculaneum, a commitment inspired by scientific purpose and by the desire to pass on to future generations new knowledge about this site of inestimable value”.

LuBeC 2012

altIn 2012 the  LuBeC Award was presented to Don Antonio Loffredo, parish priest of Santa Maria della Sanità in Naples: “For making young people the protagonists of a project for the enhancement of cultural heritage   together with the strengthening of local social and economic inclusion.”

Don Antonio Loffredo, Gaetano Scognamiglio

LuBeC 2011


In 2011 the LuBeC award was presented to the National President of the Associazione Dimore Storiche Italiane (Association of Historic Houses of Italy) Moroello Diaz della Vittoria Pallavicini

”For the constant work of the Association aimed at supporting and encouraging the conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage and the values it represents”.

LuBeC 2010

altIn 2010, the LuBeC award was presented to the President of the Province of Rome, Nicola Zingaretti

“For constant action aimed at the recovery of monumental heritage and its enhancement and use with the help of innovative technologies”.

Nicola Zingaretti, Gaetano Scognamiglio



LuBeC 2009

altIn 2009 the LuBeC award was presented to General Giovanni Nistri, of the Carabinieri Cultural Heritage Protection Company

“For the valuable work carried out for the protection and recovery of cultural heritage”.

Giovanni Nistri, Gaetano Scognamiglio



LuBeC 2008

altIn 2008 the LuBeC award was presented by Salvatore Settis to Ferruccio De Bortoli

“For the constant attention paid to the issues of conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage, the patrimony of the Nation”

Salvatore Settis, Ferruccio De Bortoli, Gaetano Scognamiglio

In 2007 Andrea Marcucci presented the award to Giancarlo Giurlani

In 2006 the LuBeC award was presented by Giovanni Martinelli (in memoriam)

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