LuBeC – Lucca Cultural Heritage

LuBeC Lucca Beni Culturali is the international meeting dedicated to the development and knowledge of the cultural heritage – technology – tourism chain organised by Promo PA Fondazione.

It takes place every year in Lucca in October and is attended by a qualified audience of administrators, managers, public and private officials, professionals and industry operators.

For seventeen years, LuBeC has played a central role in the reflections on cultural-based territorial development. The event represents a key moment in the debate between public administration and industry. It is an occasion for aggregation, cultural accumulation, and the generation of concrete development actions.

LuBeC lasts two days, alternating plenary sessions, debates, training seminars, presentations and previews to suggest and activate action strategies and collaborations. This is possible thanks to the analysis of data, researches, business models and realized cases, and through an always new organization aimed at stimulating the circulation ideas.

Moreover, LuBeC Digital Technology is an exhibition of companies and organizations operating in digital-technology and offering innovative solutions for the valorisation of cultural heritage and territorial marketing. It is an opportunity to present the projects they carried out and to meet new potential partners.

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