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Presentation of innovative solutions for the
enhancement and enjoyment of cultural heritage and

This is the annual event devoted to innovative solutions for the enhancement and enjoyment of cultural heritage and tourism and is an opportunity for industry professionals to connect and create new design ideas to support cultural renewal. The aim of the event is to draw attention and stimulate new projects in the cultural heritage-technology-tourism industries, encouraging all the players in the supply chain to meet and update with developments at European level.

Exhibiting at LuBeC means enhancing your visibility in a specific and focused manner by means of contact with other international industry leaders and also thanks to the experience of Promo PA Fondazione, the organiser and mastermind of LuBeC.

LuBeC is ideal for making contact during specialist talks and meetings and as a stage for companies and organisations to show the results of projects, share experiences and plans and propose new activities for the institutional and entrepreneurial growth of the economy.


Exhibition Stand – Organize your space and grow your network

LuBeC offers various display solutions based on the needs of participants.  Stands and rooms are of various types and are designed to highlight the projects being presented.  The exhibition makes full use of the halls and cloisters of the Real Collegio, where the conference rooms are located, making it easy for participants to meet.
By way of welcome to this attractive Lucca venue, LuBeC also offers exhibitors an exclusive opportunity to meet during an informal and relaxing Networking Cocktail.  A more dynamic  approach to stimulating the encounter of buyers and suppliers.

The importance of matching

LuBeC offers a B2B Networking Activities, service to help you meet the right partner and launch your project.
Meetings include business matching, arranged by an exhibitors’ secretarial service, over the two days of LuBeC in an allocated room.

With many participants in the event, there are plenty of opportunities to network and make useful contacts for the birth of new projects and partnerships..

The matching service, put in place by Promo PA Fondazione, is a concrete opportunity for exchange both for the public and private sectors, through targeted meetings lasting 15 minutes.

LuBeC staff will schedule meetings over the two days of the event according to the needs of participants.

Meetings, to be held in an allocated room, will be scheduled in agreement with participants and notified one week before the event. If you’re not an exhibitor at the event, you can still apply to participate in B2B meetings

Contact us for further information about our matching service.

Do you want to present your idea and/or business project in a conference session?

Contact us at espositori@promopa.it for information.

Unable to participate in the LuBeC event?

 Communicate your brand – Advertise and promote your business

Send us a  video presentation of your project and we will project it continuously during the event to enable your presence, give prominence to your business and reach your target audience effectively and strategically.

For further details about exhibiting, Networking and Business Activities, contact the secretariat: espositori@promopa.it

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