Immersiva Livorno srl


Immersiva Livorno Srl is a start-up dating back to August 2019. It was founded by a group of entrepreneurs, professionals, video artists and digital artists with the aim of creating “Immersiva”, a Multisensory Exhibition Centre in Livorno, hosted in a historic building in the “La Venezia” district.

The centre is conceived as a place where culture, art and science are experienced with all five senses, through total immersion tours and synaesthetic experiences. Visitors are at the centre, in an evocative environment that is constantly changing thanks to videomapping, 3D sound fields, olfactory diffusion systems, holographic reproductions, tactile experiences and taste.

It is therefore a large, multifunctional theatrical organism that allows the creation of evocative events and avant-garde manifestations. This is a contamination of different artistic expressions that brings us back to the concept of Total Opera.
While awaiting the opening of the centre, we organise events for institutions or private individuals.

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