LuBeC – Cultural Heritage 2018

LuBeC – Lucca Cultural Heritage is the international forum dedicated to the development of the cultural heritage – technology – tourism supply chain and takes place in Lucca every
October; this year is the 14th annual event.

2018 will be dedicated to reflection on the themes of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, in line with its general objectives: to promote the role of cultural heritage as an essential component of  ultural diversity and intercultural dialogue; strengthen the contribution of cultural heritage to society and the economy; promote cultural heritage as an important element of relations within and outside the EU.

The two days will be a privileged stage for that broad and integrated vision of management and enhancement of both tangible and intangible cultural heritage and dialogues with technological innovation, the production of cultural and creative enterprises, new media, industry and services, as always developing synergies and focusing attention on strengthening the public-private sector partnerships.

Alternating workshops, seminars, talks, conferences and presentations, the meeting will give space to reflections on the evolution of processes, services and products in the cultural heritage –  technology – tourism industries, with involvement of operators and stakeholders from all over Europe, essential in order that policies and scenarios become good practice.

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