LuBeC 2023 | 28 and 29 September  –  Lucca | EFFECT CULTURE


LuBeC is the annual meeting organized in Lucca by Promo PA Foundation and supported by local institutions, the Region of Tuscany, and the Italian Ministry of Culture to promote cultural-based development as a boost for growth, competitiveness, and innovation in Italy and its territories.

In 2023, now in its XIX edition, LuBeC will turn to “EFFECT CULTURE,” putting the spotlight on the effects that culture can generate on socio-economic growth. Culture is a powerful driver of policies, processes, and services that can renew a country’s capacity to promote sustainable development in response to the pressure of growing economic, social, and ecological demands.

From the well-being of individuals to that of communities and social cohesion, from civic to professional growth, from the innovation of the business system to the sustainability of a creative and artistic economy, this edition wishes to highlight the characteristics of a sector whose boundaries are constantly evolving and that, thanks to its osmotic nature, can bear cognitive and productive hybridizations. Those hybridizations, if reinforced and promoted adequately, make it possible to achieve great collective objectives.

The leitmotif of the two days is, as always, the public-private dialogue in terms of policies, skills, governance models, processes, services, and products. Close attention will be paid to those cultural and creative organizations to which culture brings the creative ability, the care, the resilience, and the skills to grow and improve while interacting with different fields and production systems.


In 2023, Promo PA Foundation presents a new LuBeC. We thought of a new structure articulated in macro thematic “pipelines”, which allows, on the one hand, to make this diverse initiative more navigable and, on the other, to bring greater light to the role of certain technical and institutional partners.

The pipelines, alternating creative and innovative visions, research summaries, co-design laboratories, and seminars, aim to give visibility and strength to a growing commitment to support the strategic and technical skills necessary for an effective and sustainable development of the public and private cultural systems.

The themes are vast: from the digital innovation pipeline, developed through ISIE – International Summit of Immersive Experience, to those dedicated to the Digital Library, the NRRP (National Recovery and Resilience Plan), the new skills, the relationship between cities and their territories, and the three pipelines/laboratories on economic, environmental, and social sustainability. To coordinate this vast enterprise and stimulate networking and the circularity of ideas, an attentive scientific-organizational team is already at work.

At LuBeC public and private administrators and decision-makers, directors, managers, cultural, tourism, and social operators, entrepreneurs, digital artists and artisans, economists, and researchers will engage one another with the objective of generating reflections and actions for the development of cultural-based territories.


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