The LuBeC Scientific Committee

LuBeC – Lucca Beni Culturali Scientific Committee

Francesca Velani

The Scientific Committee works on the strategies and policies for LuBeC, advising on the matters to be discussed during the annual conference LuBeC – Lucca Beni Culturali.

The Committee is comprised of experts, from public and private spheres, on the cultural heritage – technology –  tourism industries. provenienza sia pubblica, sia privata.
The Secretary of the LuBeC Scientific Committee is Francesca Velani, Director of LuBeC and  Vice-president of Promo PA Fondazione.


List of Scientific Committee members

Laura Canale, Expert in Strategic Planning

Paola Chini Polidori, Curator of the Galileo Chini’s collection

Maria Adriana Giusti, President of the Degree Course in History and Conservation of Architectural and Landscape  Heritage Politecnico di Torino – Architettura II

Elisabetta Kelescian, Ambassador of Italy in Finland

Daniele Malfitana, Director IBAM CNR

Elena Pianea, Director of Education – Municipality of Florence

Ettore Pietrabissa, Ex General Secretary Arcus Spa

Maddalena Ragni, Ex General Director for the Cultural Heritage and Landscape – MIBAC

Antonia Pasqua Recchia, General Secretary MIBAC

Gaetano Scognamiglio, President of Promo P.A. Fondazione – Lucca

Paola Verdinelli De Cesare, UVAL – Ministry of Economic Development

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