Barco designs technologies to achieve brilliant results all over the world. Seeing beyond the image, we develop visualisation and collaboration solutions to help you work together, share insights and amaze your audience. Our focus is on three main markets: Enterprise (e.g. meeting rooms, classrooms, control rooms, corporate spaces), Healthcare (e.g. radiology departments, operating theatres) and Entertainment (e.g. cinema, live events, museums). In 2020, we had a turnover of €770 million. Our global team in made of 3,300 employees whose passion for technology is embodied in 430 granted patents.

The advent of online entertainment and modern media has dramatically changed the way we approach storytelling. The passive museum audience has become a thing of the past. Visitors want to be fully engaged and part of the story. Today’s museums and tourist attractions need to rethink their institution as a physical extension of the online cultural society: this means combining rich content with impressive images and interactive experiences. Barco offers a complete portfolio of display technologies (projection, LED, LCD, video wall RPC) and high performance computing to create spectacular and unique experiences for visitors. Flexible solutions for every screen and venue. Our aim is intertaining audiences, communicating the right information at the right time, and educating visitors, time after time. For you this means telling your story with simpler installations and lower running costs. For your visitors it’s about impressive images that convey your message and leave a long lasting impact.

Bassins de Lumières - Gustav Klimt: immersive experience powered by BARCO
Bassins de Lumières – Gustav Klimt: immersive experience powered by BARCO

Barco at LuBeC

Barco is excited to participate in the first International Summit on immersive art at LuBeC and to share its experience on how technology can help create fantastic experiences for visitors and provide you with the inspiration to transform your venue into an immersive experience. Together with partners and customers from all over the world, we will tell you how to become part of the digital transformation of this century. If you’re looking forward to give your project that extra spark, to future-proof your museum or simply want to find out more about cutting-edge technology, you’ve come to the right place!

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