IMMERSIVA | Living and managing digital challenges

Immersive art is both an instrument to amplify and shape the impact of the cultural message conveyed by tangible and intangible heritage, and a real artistic expression – with its own language, its own aesthetics and a group of great performers.

In 2021, a year of great transformations, digital technology represents a fundamental milestone in laying solid foundations of a better future, in terms of youth employment, competitiveness and accessibility.

However, in order to be fully appreciated, it needs to be understood through training, experience and comparison. Therefore, the first international summit on immersive art will be held at LuBeC. Immersivity and its artisans – many of whom are Italian –  will be at the centre of an experiential and educational journey that you can directly enjoy in Lucca. 

The summit will be structured on three appointments between Thursday 7 and Friday 8 October, and will also include an on-site exhibition. The initiative will take place thanks to the collaboration between PROMO PA Foundation, Immersiva srl, and Brigth Fesival and with the support of BARCO.

   Bassins de Lumières - Gustav Klimt: immersive experience powered by BARCO  

Thursay 7 October and Friday 8 October 2021


With the support of BARCO | In collaboration with Promo PA Fondazione, Immersiva Livorno and Bright Festival  

Focus 1 | Immersivity: instructions for use in the universe of culture

Focus 2 | Immersivity: success stories and international development trends

Focus 3 | Technology and artistic creativity: an alliance for change


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